Wealthy Affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate – Don’t Get Brainwashed Read This!

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Did you really want to know how to make money online? I mean the legit way to make money online.  Are you looking for an online platform where you can  learn how to build a website and set it up for SEO for free?

Are you in  searching for some knowledge or you want to really  know how to do affiliate marketing?

Are you an experience website builder,  affiliate marketer but, still want to learn more on this field?.

Before you go out-there and  get  sign up on any online platform,  i think that  there are things  you should know. Listen  here i am not on  this  article  just for the purpose of Google rank or

to gain high traffic from Google and other search engines or something like that, infarct no keyword tools or keywords search where use upon this article for whatsoever, however, my main aim,   on written this article is to give  help,

and  some experience, i will be helping  you with an honest, insightful and reliable review everything that you really need to know about wealthy affiliate,  without  wasting your time.

In  just a minute you will know everything that this online platform has to offer and also what you are going to gain from it,   if you join.

On  this review  you will know all this,   plus  the bonus that i will be giving  you as a premium member,  you will also hear from the testimonials.

If  you are just starting out online, or you  have an existing  online business but you want to learn how to build a website,

this post is also for you if you have  already an experience  in the affiliate marketing  industry but intends to learn  further on it.

If you are looking for a legit ways to make money online and  you really want to get started as newbie  i can tell you that,  wealthy affiliate is the best  make money online platform  that  anyone can join.

I will explain  everything  that you really need to know here, how you can make money online and even build out your own online business.

    You do not have to take my words for all this that i am talking about here you can signup here  and see  with your eye, ..see is believe they say.<

Is wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Wealthy affiliate is a formidable  affiliate marketing platform that helps you and enrich you with the opportunity to build, maintain and grow your own business online. At wealthy affiliate you get all you need, the tools, training of various source, live classes, personal and  expert support, website hosting and  websites building.

At the wealthy affiliate you have the opportunity to work  with the most incredible online community. Wealthy affiliate is the highest,  largest and most trust affiliate marketing platform in the industry all around the globe.

What would makes one fall in love with this platform is  the treatment  at wealthy affiliate, they sees every member as a  family, all the members  rich out to each other whenever someone need a hand.


What is Wealthy Affiliate And What Is It All  About

What you are going to learn at wealthy affiliate is genuine straightforward strategies, techniques and ideas that is going to truly to work for you now and then, all the steps that will takes you to your success within  your online business and affiliate marketing.

At the wealthy affiliate platform you get all the access to all the training including the most recent  training  that they  presents all the time to everyone by the community  on daily bases,  everyone at the wealthy affiliate platform has the access to the same training,  the same help and the same community, to build an online business successfully.

It doesn’t matter from  part of the world,  you received the same knowledge, no matter who you are,  and where you  from or  the years of your experience online world,  you are going to get the same training that would transform your business equally.

As a getting started training it is easy to understand,  more to that, also is  their video  tutorial training  and the class room training,  are one of its kind.

Not only do you get  all the live interactive  classroom, you can also ask question when you  need it.


Wealthy Affiliate Overview And Rankings

  • Name: Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Website URL   :   w w w.wealthy affiliate .com
  • Training: 4.8 out of  5.0
  • Support: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Website builder: 4.9 out of 5.0
  • WordPress hosting : 4.8 out of  5.o
  • Research tools: 4. 6 out of 5.0
  • Success series: 4.5 out of 5.0


Who Is  The Wealthy Affiliate Founder

wealthy affiliate was co-founded it was owned by the same 2 guys who co-founded street articles and the world famous  best keyword search tool

called  jaaxy.  Kyle  and Carson has spent most of their time improving and helping others.

Their motto says, “helping others first”,  “or pay it forward”.

Carson and Kyle are always active and participating around the wealthy affiliate community.


What Would Wealthy Affiliate Do For  You

At wealthy affiliate you are going to learn many thing, and ways that you can go to be succeed in you business like:

  • How you build your website out of scratch
  • How to set it up and get ready for SEO
  • How you can attract visitors to your site
  • How to engage visitors to your site
  • And most importantly how you can monetize your website
  • How to work from home
  • How to make money through social media
  • How  you can work as online  digital entrepreneur
  • How to work as online affiliate marketer


How Can I Choose An Interest

For one to be able to build an online successful business it is important to begin the journey with an interest or anything that of passionate.

And that is exactly what wealthy affiliate is going to teach, you will get help upon , how you can choose your niches.

You are also going to learn,   about the various directions that you can embark on there are more than a thousand of  various directions you could head-on to, wealthy affiliate training,  is  the best,   that can take your business to the next level.



Wealthy Affiliate review
Wealthy Affiliate review

As  in any business you need to start  from the beginning  you need to first learn  and acknowledge how it is  done. You will also need to take actions into your hands.


Here Is What You Get As Starter/Free Wealthy Affiliate FREE Member.

At wealthy affiliate there are many types  of training  that you will go through but it all depends on your learning skills

One need to try and continue trying  to sow some seed in life to be successful and as a free membership in wealthy affiliate you get.

At the wealthy affiliate platform they offered  a free membership account for  free ,  as a starter member you have the access to wealthy affiliate platform  and dashboard, so you can look around and see how wealthy

affiliate is all about , how it works , starter account will allows you to get familiar with things so that you can decide on your own weather to venture or not to venture on the platform,  as a member you get this:

  • Personal affiliate blog
  • Affiliate insight
  • 2 Website on siterubix.com
  • website backup
  • live help for the first any time every time  days
  • Keyword research tool 30 searches
  • Affiliate Boot-camp Training phase 1
  • Training Classroom 2 times
  • Tet a Tet coaching first seven days
  • Affiliate Programme
  • video walk through
  • Beginner training course

Wealthy Affiliate  Training And Courses

Step by Step  the train is so easy to understand and its also include  tutorial video training.

It is best way to state from even though you are new to online business, marketing, websites or SEO.

It is Informative and thorough, it will lead you to much better “know how”  and a better experience for  ultimately better  online startup business, wealthy affiliate training include:

Affiliate boot camp training : It is consists of 70 lessons that is includes the videos.

Online Entrepreneur : This training consist of  50 lessons and  the videos

 Live interactive video classes: It continues all day anytime including the weekend.

Video and text based tutorials :  This is continuous  with over 1,000 plus text and video training

Course, Lessons and tasked,  based training, as i said before,  remember  all  this

training and lessons  is for  all the  members, no matter the level of their experience or their geography.

Those training is aiming at  helping inspiring everyone on the platform to be successful online in any of your various endeavors.


Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate has a community that is one of the greatest and incredible online  community that i never come across online, sometimes  i use to wonder why  wealthy affiliate  can be the one and only  in online training  platform.

I think i know why,  wealthy affiliate has about 850,000 community members but,

not only because they are members but, they are  all successful online  business people who dedicated to  contribute  continuously  helping others.

You are not going to be stock or overwhelm,  what for ever reason the community is always there,  to help you out, people at the community are

always there and willing to help you out of any issue  no matter what the  issue is,  you will get help with a second from the community members.

wealthy affiliate platform has a particular areas that was dedicated to help each other, and get help, like :

  • Live chat
  • Live comment
  • Blog post
  • Ask question p
  • Private messaging
  • Mentoring
  • Website support
  • Hosting support

Building  A Websites At Wealth Affiliate

At wealthy affiliate you we be able to build your own website. Either you are  a star  member or you  a premium member.

You will have so start from the siterubix.com  and you can latter go on to register your domain.

You can also  import  your site that is own by you outside the wealthy affiliate and host it there.

At wealthy affiliate you have all the tool in place for you to build a powerful online websites.


Build Your Website In Less Than 30 Seconds

You will learn how to build your website that is going to better suit your  online business with WordPress  and  also how to design and manage it all along.

There are  two options in building website at the wealthy affiliate platform if you are  new,  as a newbie you will be building your website on the siterubix.com.

which is also a domain but it is  completely free, as a premium member  you can build and  host up to 50.   Yeah.. up to 50 websites including the websites  that you own on your own domain.

Here are more reasons that makes this platform the  beat among the rest,  at wealthy affiliate you will learn more about website,  plus the advantage of  building website  on wealthy affiliate platform are :

The quality level of  wealthy affiliate hosting platform is huge.

at  wealthy affiliate as a starter member you get 2  free site for free  at siterubix.com

and as a premium member you get 50 website free , 25 free siterubix.com   and 25 of your own domain.

you also get the suit management  by WordPress .

>   You do not have to take my words for all these that i am talking about here you can signup here  and see  with your eye, ..see is believe they say.<


Wealthy Affiliate review
Wealthy Affiliate review


Support, Live Chat, Site Support, And Know How 

wealthy affiliate is one of the online training  platform,   at wealthy affiliate you get all the necessary resources,  like live chat, you can chart,  and also ask question from the community.

wealthy affiliate is a Community  of great people, when you ask question you also get answer quickly  wright away from the community.

You always get help and site supports  whenever you get cut off or  there is something you do not understand you, just ask at the {ASK  QUESTION} section on your dashboard there’s  always  solution to anything that you ask for.


Site Content Writing Platform

At wealthy affiliate site content  you can write a great and qualitative contents  that you can later post to your site.

But, mindyou, not only that you can write  on the writing platform  but you  also 100 guaranteed about the  grammatical correct spelling on it.

The site contents writing platform  helps to make correct spellings to what you type on it.


Affiliate Boot-camp

At wealthy affiliate boot-camp you will be  able to lean a lot of things  which include, how to build  a full time income, how to promote , and  how you can brand  your own product.

During the training in  wealthy affiliate program  and the lesson with this many has been helped to become  online creator and full time 6 figure  online businesses owner.

You also learn how choose a niches, how to target your audience  the direction that you can actually head to that will earn you potential success online.

wealthy affiliate is an online industry that is comprises many different industries and verticals.

In wealthy affiliate you can promote its program or you can also promote other services too.

The Hosting Platform

wealthy affiliate is also a hosting platform they have the most advanced  and simple to under websites platform in the word.

wealthy affiliate is a leading industry in website development  throughout the   internet, they has an  grade “A” in hosting and building websites.

The benefits  of the wealthy affiliate hosting platforms are:

  • It is reliable
  • It is quicker in terms of speed
  • It very easy to understand
  • It is secure.

You have access to all of this and so much more but, sometime it might  be limited in  the seance that, if you are not a wealthy affiliate premium member.

As a premium  members you have access to all  wealthy affiliate online platform they offer, everything from A into the Z they has all its takes for you to become online entrepreneur.

This is what you get as a  wealthy affiliate premium member:

Personal Mentoring

As a premium member you going to have access to  Kyle and Carson privately. You can  message them at a time and they will answer to your needs.

You will be personally monitored and including you websites.

Wealthy Affiliate review
Wealthy Affiliate review

Weekly Live Classes and 100’s of hours of replays

As a premium member you have access to the live classes  where you can also ask questions.

It also includes the video of all the previous live classes video, wealthy affiliate is the most comprehensive program that ever exist.

It is a platform that has been around for over 15 years  now and still growing  bigger and better all day, what makes them stand out also includes the motto, which says, “helping others first”,  “or pay it forward”.

It is a concept that has take them far above the  rest, all the people involved are those that has made it to be the great now,  many members has been there for the very long time and they are all professionals successful online entrepreneur.


Ambassadorship Program

When you begin your networking  and you go  all along and make  more referral  or you can be able to connect and make more relationships with

others  helping  answering, blogging, writing contents and creating lessons all along the wealthy affiliate platform more than the other do,then you are going to get more ranked up above the others.

And with that you can actually become an ambassador to the wealthy affiliate.

If you reach  a wop of 300 unique referrals through the course of the year then, you are going to be flying  into the LAS VEGAS for the annual conference, with the all the expenses been catered for by the authority.

You are going to be personally invited by the Kyle and   Carson  to the yearly conference host in Las Vegas.


The Affiliate Program

Wealthy  affiliate also  has    affiliate program where you can make money online. You build a website or maybe you don’t really want to upgrade to the premium.

You can still make money by promoting and making referral to  the wealthy affiliate programs  on your  siterubix.com websites.


Website Performance Tools

At  the wealthy affiliate your  website is your business,  that is  why they has come along with most advanced technology to keep your  website up and working at  the highest level all the time.

Of which they have most powerful and unparalleled hosting that you can have access to in other to help you manage and host   your  WordPress site.


  As a wealthy affiliate  member  premium member you get:

  • Website speed
  • Website protect
  • Website SSL
  • Website comments
  • Website feedback
  • Website support
  • Website manager
  • Website content
  • Website builder
  • Website domain

Website Engagement Site Comments

As a wealthy affiliate premium member you have  all the community  with you to help you through on your site.

You can  ask from the community  to help you with some comments on your post then you go and give them your website address when they comment on your website, it is  an exposure to your site to get a quick rank from google.

They can comment on your site and also you can also do the same to the others all  at the community.


Keyword Research Tool

This is another important tool that you get access to,  for free at wealthy affiliate as a member.

 what is key words?

It is a word or a phrase that someone types into  the search engine.

You can used as word or phrases to find things that you are looking for  online.

Their are of  a billions of keywords online that you can  research for and actually as a online affiliate and a wealthy affiliate member  you are going to become an keywords expert within the wealthy affiliate platform.

An expert in keywords research and coming out with with the search terms that people type into search engine.

At the  wealthy affiliate premium you also  has access to the all the platform searching tools easy to use  to monitoring your SEO rankings and you can also use it to search for the key words or niches.

At wealthy affiliate platform they make use of the searching tools called jaaxy.


The importance of the keywords to your online business.

The keywords are  instrumental in the online entrepreneurship they are the starting point of the all the rankings and the traffics.

What ever that you are going to do weather you are attempting to  rank in search engine for  free or through the search engine optimization or you can actually pay for the traffic through pay-per-click.

The keywords are the way websites capturing  highly relevant and engaged visitors to your websites.


what is jaaxy?

The jaaxy is the world’s most advanced keyword tool that was built for internet  marketers. It is online keywords  finder tool and it reduce the keywords research  at wealthy affiliate platform  as a free starter you get 30 free searches. Try  jaaxy  yourself here.

Try out jaaxy here type in any words or phrases down below


The other benefit in joining the wealthy affiliate  premium program is SEO .

With the theory  of targeting the keywords  your post or your page on your website  is going to be getting rank for in  by the google, and when you get ranked  in google your post will show up within the search result.

At the wealthy affiliate they are going to be teaching you how your website can get natural rank , the SEO ranking  with this would lead to more traffic more people coming to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate review
Wealthy Affiliate review

You are  going to be thought  how search engine optimization works though, initially they are going to be teaching you how your website can get ranked

through SEO quickly for free  but also  down the road,  in the boot-camp you are going to lean how you can drive traffic to your website through paid avenues, like PPC and Facebook ads.

Wealthy Affiliate  Program

The most important thing about the wealthy affiliate online platform is that not only that you  get access to the creators (Kyle and Carson )  you also have an incredible community with you  a number of over  100, 000’s of  great people   that,  know the road ahead.

You are going to building  an online business so, you are going to put in some efforts into your business.

So, that will we be getting a fruitful results out of it, You need  to work hard and be focus  because that is the fundamental to  the reason of any success in life.

You can ask from those who are  successful in online business, what success look like, i believe they will usually say of the two things.

At the wealthy affiliate online platform  by the time you are done with phase 2  of the training you will now know how to build up a significant base of traffic on your website.

You are going to be well versed in keywords researched,  building out  your high and qualitative contents, you are also going to be getting rankings by the google and the other  search engine in of this for free and so much more.


Price Wealthy Affiliate

It is free to join although, you  are going to be decide on your own weather to upgrade to the premium member, so that you can benefit from the discount,

and for that is the savings of $30 , or you can even continue if you prefer to work on your website , but with the limited  resources  and the tools needed for as to build your online business.

For a week you will have access to all the tools including the $19 premium price, as you become a Premium member after the 1st month you will start

with payment of $49 per month or if you may like to pay annually, the annual payments  is  $495 per year that is equal to be $41.25 per month, this is better off as it will save you more money annually.

  • Price: free for the starter , 
  • PRICE: premium member first month $19
  • PRICE AFTER FIRST MONTH: per month $49
  • PRICE:  per year $495


How  Can I Benefit From Wealthy Affiliate Program

This platform is for everyone, as it for those  who are new to online business, is also for those ones who are already in online business before with some experience behind them but still wanted to learn more from people who have  succeeded already in online business.

Wealthy affiliate is for you if  you  are prepared  to give it some time or  for some month  even a year before they can be able to start generating revenue, it is free to sign up if you want to join and begins to make things happen.


Invest In your Future

when you invest in your future that is important thing you do, and the best way to do that is to venture in online business.

You can work from home and make money, and  it is all possible that you start your own business no experience is needed to do it, you don’t have to be a web designer or know anything about coding or any required high degree.

What you have to do is to, follow the training at wealthy affiliate platform, the best training in the industry ever, you are going to learn all the things you really need to know, with help of the best community all over the world.

However, the most important thing here is that it is all free, you can join for free.

Yeah , at the wealthy affiliate you can start your own businesses online from scratch and then as you move forward you will be gaining having more experience along the way.

You are going do it your self with help of the training and the community people who has acquired experience and  willing to help you out to build your one too.

You can ask questions whenever you need them any, on you website that you will be building,  you can use it to promote affiliate network, merchants, and much more.

Plan your feature,the long term business are the better investment that one can venture pretty quick and then make more money without getting out of your comfort zone.

The affiliate boot camp, the Private message and support , live classes to mention but just a few, there is always someone to train  you and get you ready with all the help to promote your own business.

At the wealthy affiliate if you really want to make it, online you  have to be ready to work and think positively and be ready take actions as you go forward.

On this platform every depend on you if you like you can join them now so that within time you will doing your on job you become your own boss and do your job at home and make money.

Wealth affiliate is going to create and generate you a passive income over the years  so that you would to have worry about your 9 to 5 job any more.


Why Some People Fail To Make Money At  Wealthy Affiliate.

Some  are complain  about wealthy affiliate because most people think that they can start making revenue as immediate as they start their online

business on the platform, but which eventually not the case,  wealthy affiliate believe that online business requires  time and believe that is what wealthy affiliate stands for.

At wealthy affiliate you don’t expect to get rich quickly, it is not of that  scheme, however if you wanna  get money  in a matter of 1 to 2 weeks  it might be of a disillusion, that why  those are complaining, wealthy affiliate

you will learn all the important  steps that you actually need to take , so that, you can be able to build you own online business sustainability.

at  wealthy affiliate platform you are all allowed to communicate with each others to learn  for help, to lean , and to ask questions.

So they might be complaining even if they don’t have time to spend on their business, because if really want to make online you need to dedicate some time to it or if they  don’t have time to write contents.


Wealthy Affiliate  Reviews Complaints

Wealthy affiliate is save online   platform that one can join it is a community that you can believe  in  building   your online business.

You can have a full time income generator website  and far beyond.

You will have to put all your goals into practical  the wealthy affiliate boot camp training gives you exactly what you are looking for in online success accomplishment.

Though, you need to  give yourself  time to achieve  the success, all the  way long  at the wealthy affiliate they will show you  the insight the journey to success will look like.



Wealthy affiliate is the best in the industry as far as my opinion in online program is dew, from the observation of mine that  i have come across so far, i think that wealthy affiliate have got all it takes,  for one to build an online business.

However,  wealthy affiliate is for all those who are  willing but not only that, must also be serious about building  own business online, it is for those who want to build a lifetime carrier online it a platform that everyone that have the opportunity should try and find out how it works.

After you’ve create your free starter account at the  wealthy affiliate platform, if you be able to sign up here i am going to get to you on your profile and you will be detail about what and how to get and claim your  bonus


My  Suggestion About Wealthy Affiliate

However here is my suggestion about wealthy affiliate, if you are new person online who doesn’t know yet what to do, i will suggest that you should get started with wealthy affiliate free membership  first.

It would be of great start to know about what online world look like, you will have access to the wealthy affiliate and necessary backup that you need, you will learn all the important part of online business.

As a free starter you going to see by your self,  how everything would work out, join wealthy affiliate free member then, if you are convinced about  the

platform,  you can upgrade to the premium membership so that you can have all the state of the art, and sophisticated tools to  build your own business online.

wealthy affiliate  is as real as anything else and you can earn real  revenue cash from what you do at wealthy affiliate though, it is not a money machine  that will makes you rich overnight.

The real word is that wealthy affiliate is a platform to start a business online,  and as a business need a startup capital so as it is at wealthy affiliate you need to invest some effort to it.

wealthy affiliate is a platform where you can learn legit way to make online. it is a great platform that provides you great programs and training these platform is the right one for if you are:

A newbie to start your own business online.

If you want  to increase your knowledge you learn and earn.

If you are fed-up with your 9 to 5 job

If you and to establish your independent.

If you want some help, training or guide through your online business process.

If  you want to develop your own brand this platform is good for you.


Advantages In Joining Wealthy Affiliate Platform

It is a great online  platform, that one can join that would provides all the tools that is requires to build your online business that is includes as :

  • You get the access to all tools need to succeed online
  • They will show you how to build your own business
  • You also learn how to build your own website and to set it up and running
  • Very easy step by training
  • It make you an  aspiring  affiliate marker
  • It help to improve your online experience

Disadvantages In Joining Wealthy Affiliate Platform

At wealthy affiliate you going to learn everything as long as online business is dew, it is an learning platform where you can learn how to really get started and make money  online.

Every at wealthy affiliate community are eager to help, and only thing about the platform that, which is not even disadvantage  is that, some time you might be overwhelmed, and second is that you have to work on it, so that you can be able to earn faster,  you don’t have to be lazy.


My verdict about wealthy affiliate

wealthy affiliate is the first and the best online platform that i would prefer to venture.  Their is are many  online platforms that reacted  to promote online field  but which only ended to be disappointed.

One need to the be sensitized and removed the  negativity  that was caused by the people to avoid online  business.

I don’t blame  anyone but maybe it is the fault of the malpractice marketers  practice just  to get a quick money  out of the people and taking the advantage of them all.

The reason why i choose Wealthy affiliate platform is that  among all the platforms  that i have tried  this platform provides  a step by training approach  which  makes the building the affiliate market business on the WordPress platform achievable  to everyone in every ramifications.

At the end of  wealthy affiliate programs you have KNOWLEDGE AND RESULTS whether we like or not  the digital economy is the present and will also be the future.

We are living in the digital world so you might be  wondering in your mind whether you are making the right decision  or not there is no doubt about it  you can earn money online.

The wealthy affiliate premium membership is my very advised to everyone, because as a premium member you will get all the access to all tools that you need  in your online business you also have access to all the training there

are lot of them that you will have to digest, training programs are added to the platform everyday  and it doesn’t stop there you also have access to the community members  who are always there and eager  to give you help at any time.

All the tools you need  are there to build, grow, and maintain your business online if you are a premium member you will never regret you deed because you get all these tools here and even more:

  • Live help
  • private help from Kyle & Carson
  • Live video
  • Training class rooms
  • Access to 50  website
  • website backup
  • Affiliate  boot camp training all the phases
  • website support
  • keyword research tool with unlimited searches
  • Access to the webinar
  • Website feedback platform

You get all this and so much more that would transform your business to a lucrative one


what makes me prefer wealthy affiliate to others

What makes me  love this platform is the organization, wealthy affiliate is as a platform was designed so well to give help to the their first aim objection is

to help people first, by providing  a training  programs that engage upon how to create website and learn how to venture in affiliate marketing , they use the platform  to provide  free tools that one might need to build an online business.

The wealthy affiliate platform are compare to be one of the social media platform like Facebook and the rest of them, there more than thousand community members that are eager to help or to give and share important informations to each other.

It is free to join free website creation and development platform. It is rich of  insightful information and instructions, you get endless help from the expert and marketing professionals all around the world.

At wealthy affiliate you also learn marketing strategies and search engines optimization.

It is certain that joining the wealthy affiliate platform won’t  guarantee you a quick earning, but at wealthy affiliate there is so much more to learn,  many informations for you  to  learn to the extent that, you might be overwhelmed with it.

It is for those  who are interested in developing a long term business relationship online if  you can put more effort to work towards it seriously , you should be able to generate a respectable income by less at list 6 to 7 months.

wealthy affiliate training and tools overview

wealthy affiliate is known all over the word, it has an advance and sophisticated training programs in it platform, it is full of information, which has been broken down  for you to understand, wealthy affiliate programs

and trainings are easy for anyone, there are already written text instructions and at the end of each training there is   task to complete so that you can develop your site as you move forward along the training, it is also include the videos to give a visual help to it.

Another important tools  that is included is the live webinar with previous videos that are included.

Their support is 24/ 7 nonstop offered  you with the program through a large community, forums and personal support, including from Carson and Kyle.


Wealthy Affiliate Offer Bonus And 59% Discount

You are going to be benefit from it if you become a premium member, i am going to offer you  a bonus of 59% discount here,

You will have to sign up for your free starter account and remember as a starter member you don’t have to pay for anything it is all free.

signup here.


Ask Your Question Or Comment

If you have any question or comments about anything concerning this review or you have got other platform that is better off, that you want us to

know about, please leave all your comments and question down bellow i will be more than happy to hear from you all, thank.


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Hi everyone,
My name is MIKE, I am the creator and the author of this website.  It is what i can do to help others. 

If you have any comment or something to say about all in this site  contact at  mikerrsq@gmail.com if you enjoy reading my post share it with others  thanks.


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