Keywords Do And Don’t!

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Keywords are words  or phrase, they are those words   for example,  when someone  uses a search engine, they type in one words or more to describes what they are looking for.

Free keyword research 

keywords are those words that   are use to reveal the actual structure of an author’s reasoning .

They are those words used in a strictly grammatical sense of the structural composition, reasoning and comprehension. The keywords are very important  especially as a writer   to illustrate, conclude, emphasis, evidence a sequence and continuation.


All this key category are important  it serves its own function as thus  the keywords inside of a given category.

 why are  keywords important?

 keyword are  very essential, they are part of  any language. It is either words or phrase for an example: “high hill Irlanda”  or  “coupon promo”, each words serves its own function  so as the the key words do inside of the given category.

It is the words that appear with statistically unusual frequency in a text or a corpus of texts. The keywords are identified  by the software that compares a words list based on a larger reference corpus. If the term for the importance it is keyness  of  words.

 Things not to do when using keywords!

when you are using or in search of your keywords to be used on your blogs there are  things that search engines  don’t  allow you doing. If so it  site will  be considered web-spam or spamdexing.

 stuffing words.

The words stuffing is a process where your keywords has been stuffed.

The keywords stuffing  is a system by  which your keywords are loaded into a web pages meta tags visible content when you backlink  anchor text in an attempt to suddenly gain huge rapidly  rank

engagement or more to this is  when the repetition of words in meta tags one need to understand that the search engine are no longer using this type of the systems.

The techniques that the search engine are  using now  is that they  focus more on the content that is  helpful,  comprehensive,  relevant  and unique all this makes the quality better and also make the keywords stuffing useless.

Search engine algoritmo has been change  nowadays  the algoritmo  can now recognize keyword stuffing and reduce  and eliminate any unfair search   to all those who are intended to gain  rapid traffic overnight, they might be penalise , demode or oftentimes remove from indexes.

The changes in the search engine algoritmo specifically intended to penalize or ban site using keyword stuffing include:  The google Florida update  November 2003  google panda February 2011 google hummingbird august 213 and Bing September 2014.

Keyword stuffing is a  search engine optimization  and  the technique, considered, webspam or spamdexing, in which keywords are loaded into a web pages.

Keywords stuffing may lead to  a website being  banned  or penalise on  a major search engine  either permanently or  temporarily.

More to this is that the search engine now  employed  the theme related keyword techniques to interpreters  the intent of the  content on a page.

The keyword  stuffing   are of 2 types in category it was considered as :

what is white hat  stuffing?

The white hat stuffing is a process in which  a  computer security expert or hacer who specialises in penetrating testing and in other testing methodologies that ensures the security of  an organization’s information systems.

The  ethical hacking is a terms mean  to imply a broader category than penetration testing.

It is a internet slang refer to as ethical computing hacker or a computer security expert. Though  the white hat hackers  do hacks under a good intentions  and permission.

what is Black hat stuffing?

The black hat stuffing  is the direct opposite of the the white hat stuffing.

While the white hat hacker hacks  under good intentions with  the permission  the black hat hacker  do acted  all time without authorization in a malicious  manner.

Also a it  has been said that a full blown ethical hack might include  emailing  password details,  ethical  hackers may  arrange for cloned  test systems or organise  a hack late  at night when the  systems   are less critical.

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As you are going to be using your key words just put in mind that no rooms for stuffing words and that the keywords are stored in a search  index that,  as  long as keywords are  used  to retrieve   documents  in an information  system like  for example,  in  the search engine or  in catalog.

If a keywords is said to be popular on web  it has to be tag  so that it can be directly visible  and assigned for by nonexpert.

common words  like artikles (a, an, the) and the conjunctions (and or but)  are not treated as a keywords  they say it is insufficient.

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