How To Make Money Online With SEO!

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Before anything at all let me work  you through what the SEO is all about   you may be asking about it.

What is SEO?

The SEO  is the abbreviation  of the words {SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION},  it may be natural or organic it means that an increment of  unpaid  results  and excluding direct traffic purchase  of the paid placement.

It is the  the process in  the increasing  the quality  and the quantity of the traffic of the website traffic.

It may by sometimes  increasing  in the visibly of  a  website  and or the web page to the users of the  a web search engine.

SEO also refer to  all things on  the websites, it target the different kinds of searches   that  searchers look up to on web including the video search, image, news , specific industry vertical, and academic search

How to SEO your website

For your web site to be indexing by the google and the other search engines, there is some certain things that you we have to do.

Optimizing  your websites may includes  editing its contents, writing and adding new content,  do the modification of the HTML and  associated coding  to the both increase its the actual specific keywords  and remove barriers to the indexing.

The result of the search engine include  the yahoo, being firefox, GOOGLE,ASK, BAIDU, AOL YANDEX an many more.

AS you want to work as an internet marketer you also want  to understand the strategy and the considerations that is the SEO  within the search engines.

The computer  programmed algorithms that is dictate the search engine  behavior, the actual search words, that terms.

All those this that people really search for  and the actual search keywords  typed  and search for in the search engine what is the want of the people what did they targeted?

SEO   the formulation of  performed  as a website will relieve  more visitors  from a search engine  so, the high  the website rank in the search engine result page, the better you can by then convert all this visitors into the customers.

More things you also need to  know is that the SEO is different from the “local search engine” optimization.

While the local search is focused  on the  national and the international search , the SEO is focused on how to optimizing you online business presence and make sure that your website  pages will be display by the search engines when, a user enter a  local  search for its products and the servisse.

The search engine use complex mathematical algorithms  to interprets  what   user seeks on a websites.

How the search engines crawl  the websites!

While the Yahoo directory and DMOZ   the both required manual  submission and human editing and review.  website that get more inbound links, or  stronger links  are  presumed  to be  more important for  what  the user is searching for.

The leading search engines such  as the Google , Bing and Yahoo  use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic  search results.

Pages that  are linked from other search engines  index pages do not need to be submitted  because they are  found automatically.

The search crawling engine look  always look at a number of different ways to and the factors  while crawling  a site.

But mind you as,  not all the pages is indexed by the search engines  so, the distance of  pages  from the root directory of the site may be a  factor  in  whether or not pages get crawled.

The delay was  to allow webmasters  time to update the code that  responded to particular  bot user agent strings ,  as  changes had  been made  ways  crawling  website are now different.

At novembre 2016  google  announce a major change to be “index mobile-first”, what that means is that the mobile version  become the starting point for what google  include in their index.

The google indicated that they would regularly update the web browser rendering the search engine to the latest version.

 Here is 8 articles you should look up to that will enlight and motivate your mind:

As at the December 2019 google has  began updating  the user agent-string of their crawler to reflect the latest  chrome  version used by the rendering  service.

How to make money with SEO!

To make money with your website you need to increase the canonicalization  of your website there is many way to do that.

The web-page  need to be visible  prominently within the  search engine results. here is  what you should do:

  • Writing contents

You  will have to be writing a qualitative contents  that includes   using frequently  the most searched keywords and phrase as to be relevant to  world wide variety of the search queries,  with that traffic will increase drastically on your website.

  • By adding relevant  keywords into the website page

Adding the keywords and metadata to your   site page including the title tag and the meta description has been proven to be  increase in the relevance of  a site search listings  and increase in a site traffic.

  • Cross link between  pages

The crossing  linking between  pages of the same websites in other   to provide more links into the  more important pages increase the visibility  of   the websites.

It has been proven that the more you can be able to crosslink  one to another at the same website tend to generate more traffics.

By promoting your web site you can increase the numbers of the backlinks  and the inbound  links in other SEO method.

  • Updating content

By updating the contents in your website  means that you are calling the  search engine back. You have to keep the search engines crawling back frequently  to you site as to add additional  value to it.

  • Multiple URL

The URL canonicalisation  of the  websites  pages  makes  it to be more accessible via multiple URL and by  via the canonical link .

It is also possible by using the 301 redirection which can help  to make more links to other different  types of the URL all then is very important things that you can  make your website and your contents , pages  increase the traffic and popularity.

SEO techniques

As long as the SEO techniques is concern, it is classified into two broad of the categories.

This means that the techniques that the search engines  companies  recommend as the part of the good SEO design.

It is include the “white hat SEO”  and  the other techniques of which the search engines company disagree and unapproved which is the “black hat SEO”.

  • conclusion

What you will have to do is to  is to make  your website to  remain to the” white  hat SEO techniques”.

If you want your website to be increase in traffic and without you  been   penalised and you don’t want  to be  classified as a SEO   malpractice who spamdexing.

what  is white hat seo features ?

The industry  commentators   have classified these methods, “the white hats SEO” has been tend to be the key to the  long lasting result.

The SEO white hat techniques is the best and also approved,  it is the best to abide by the search engine  guidelines  and involves no description.

The ” white hat SEO” is not just about following the guideline but is more that it is that best way  to ensure that  the content a search  engine indexes  and subsequently ranks  is the same content a user will see.

The “white hat” is a creating content for  the user not for search engines.

The “white  hat SEO”  also make the content  to be easily  accessible to the online  spider algorithms instead of trying to trick  the algorithms from the actual purpose.

It is a web development and the promotions of the accessibility.

Don’t try to improve your website rankings in a  ways that  are disapprove  by the search engines or you go and involve in  deception  like,” hidden text”, “cloaking ” and or even  “grey hat SEO”.

If you do such things your site will be penalise.  So, focus on the white SEO  as the  search engine companies  recommend  and avoid being penalised.

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