Get Job Opportunity Through LinkedIn.

Get Job Opportunity Through LinkedIn.

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 LinkedIn as a great social media network that will truly connect you.

Hello everyone on this article i am going to be discussing about how  to get job opportunities and make money through joining LinkedIn.

You are going to know how this great social media, can get you connected with best job that  is right for you,without having to worry about going around with your curriculum.

Have you been searching for job opportunities or ways to get yourself connected with job  that you’ve been dreaming  for?

Here you are going to know how you can join  a social media that will help you to get job

quickly, infarct in this topic you will know how LinkedIn can be setup properly, and the mistake to not make  when using it.

I will  let you know  real quick here without taking too much of your time the benefits in

signing up for LinkedIn, but before anything at all,  let get to know what LinkedIn is all about here, as one may ask:

Get Job Opportunity Through LinkedIn.
Get Job Opportunity Through LinkedIn.

what is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is great  is a social networking platform, or let say a website that was created for the professional occupations individuals to connect and interact.

This incredible network was founded way back in 2002 by  Reid Hoffman  and it was then launched and establish on May 5, 2003  six month after it was found.

It was primary based in California, at mountain view, LinkedIn also have offices  in

different places including, New York, Chicago, Omaha , Dublin and London, with about

225 million users all around the globe  LinkedIn  networking platform will help in creating, building and it can also help you grow  anything pertaining to your profession.

Its site is available almost in every language, this platform has many things to offer,  no wonder it has grown to a  huge number over the years LinkedIn users has  a grows

numbers of at list 3 new members every two seconds, LinkedIn is great social platform

that can easily connect you with millions of companies,  people , and humans resources department researchers.


what can LinkedIn help you with

Here are what this incredible social platform will help  you with, if you are looking for job, or you are  searching for a ways to build and improve in your professional direction,

LinkedIn will help you to create and gives you more chances to connect among the other professions with good perspective.

Nowadays finding job for an individual  has become a real war, very hard to get, it is not easy,  that is why   LinkedIn comes in.

You will get all the tools that you really need, when it comes to applying for job,

LinkedIn is the right place  that you can get the right information, about the necessary qualification, and skill that employers are looking for.

You will also get knowledge about how to prepare, the attitude needed to get better job

that you deserve, LinkedIn is an online platform where every company around the world uses to advertise when ever there is vacant positions.

So you don’t have to go through  all the difficulties that finding job has  become anymore

LinkedIn will take good care about that for you, including how to apply for best job that is right for you.


How to joint LinkedIn

So after all these being said let get to look at how one can join LinkedIn to get job and the fact is that to be able to joint  and be recognized fully as a LinkedIn social member

there  are certain things  they consider  and you need to meet up to all these

requirements, then after that you are very ready to go, so here is what you need to do, to become a qualified LinkedIn member or to even be able to get a job connection.


The requirements need to be a  LinkedIn member

Your full name  full in  details use your real  name to be precise

Your   last name

And your email address including  the password

Your  profile picture


This is what you should not do though

Let all  about you be real, you shouldn’t be an intruder, be real in  your profile descriptions, LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that get you connected with the real people all around the world.

So,it is professional site, be professional in everything, for this is what LinkedIn stands for and infarct, it is advise not to use an email address that is formal or even funny,  use

a professional personal email address to give your self more value, something like “”, it id advice to use your real picture to able to identify who you are.

Use a  professional picture …. ahh did i say a picture. ..yeah  your picture play an important role in getting your massage to the people or to even be able to get  connected

for a job opportunity at all, just for an example, if you open and account on LinkedIn and you didn’t  add a picture, people may  never want to talk to you or even want to visit your profile.

The reason for this is the fact that you are not having a picture on your profile, you are

nobody, because, you have something to hide, nobody will ever offer a job to unknown person, more to this picture stuff is that you don’t have to use a family pictures;

A picture in which you with your wife, son, brothers and sisters on it, it is  not profession, use a recent professional picture with a little smile on you face.


What can you do to get job and connections in LinkedIn

After you have done with the signing up and you have setup your profile correctly perfect in a professional line, the next thing to do is to know how to get connected with

the real guys, people who can actually help offer you a job you’ve been dreaming for, so

to do that you need to have an interest you  will have to write something that are related to your profession on your profile.


Use your profile bio as your CV

Go into the full details about yourself, write what important  job  have been to before, your level of education, your hobby, what you don’t like, what you like, and so much more,

just make sure that you are honest about what you say you are, describe your self

thoroughly , all the experiences that you have had and where, it is very important because

your profile descriptions is your real CV so , make sure that you are honest about everything your do and you will definitely get connected for your dream job.


Join group of your interest and be social

Look for the interesting groups that are great to your interest ,   participate with them, chat with them,  there are many group that you can joint, that can be of benefit to you as

a job seeker, for example who knows,  through your interacting you may  find a  manager, a human resource personnel, who might be looking for someone of your profile, you never know, now you know.


LinkedIn is a great network platform  it benefit is enormous,  follow these process that i have discuss there and you will be surprise you did,  with this platform you will inform,

about job opportunity that is of you types and you would have to worry about going around  your CV with you smiting here and there any more.

Your question 

If  you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic or you want us to know about more social platform great to get job please leave all your questions

and comment down bellow and i will  be more that happy to hear from all of you, thanks xoxoxo ..



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