G Suite? This Is How It Works!

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G suites  features 

Google,s base data center information  are saved and then synchronise to the other data centers for backup purpose.

G suite has had million paying business and 70 million G suite for education users G suite was released  in august 28, 2006.

It is means of cloud collaboration computing and  productivity tools, it is a actually an google apps for the side  domain.

G Suite also has adds enterprise features  such as custom email address  for the domain.  So, let see how all this features meant for:

  • Google Calendar 

The google calendar is  the one that allow users to create and edit event. it is a web and mobile apps for the android and IOS.

Google calendar users can  create events and  Users can enable or  disable  some  events from gmail information from user  gmail message are automatically updated with the new Information.


Plus, it also has the functionally that the use of the machine learning event recommending contacts and were.

Google calendar features 

  • Google calendar users can add color to an event for the recognition or to distinguish the event from others.
  • Users can  set up notifications with options for the of email  type or mobile push notification and time.
  • Users can  enable a recurring functionality  with optional parameters for not frequently.
  • It allows users to create and edit events.
  • Event are view-able in different type of the  setup including day week month and schedule.
  • Locations can also be added for easy  understanding of an events.

Google drive.

The google drive is  the chief component factor of  the g suite. Google drive allows for more space it allows users to store more files in their servers synchronise it all through and then share it over.

The google drive is a file storage and synchronization service that was produce for more storage.

It also permit linkage to the google docs, google slides and google sheet in collaboration and editing of documents presentation,  drawing, spreadsheets,forms  drawings  and  file creations.

Google drive features

The google drive offers include; 15 gigabits of the storage through google one.

100 gigabits  200 gigabytes 2 terabytes  10 terabytes  20 terabits and terabytes  all this through paid optional.

Google monthly subscription plan offering for the business and organisations.

It the best way  of the selection google drive offers more unlimited storage greater collaborations, tool, advance file audit reporting, and enhanced administration control for the users.

Google drive  has  had 800 million active users , as of may 2017 the files stored  are over 2 trillion on it.

And as of September 2015 google drive has over one million organisational paying users.

  • The google drive app can be made as a default for handling file  formats supported by them .

All the third party app are allowed  and free to be install though some some have fees associated with continued usage or access to additional features.

Google drive enable third party developers to build collaborative apps that support real time editing.

  • Google drive viewer on web allows to viewed  file format and raw image file in other format can be viewed through the third party apps that work with the google drive.
  • The google drive help users to share  files.  Files and folder can be shared  privately  with particular users  having google account by  using their gmail email addresses.

Google doc.

Google doc is free web  software office suite that is offered by google within the  google drive service it is compatible  with the the microsoft office file formats and it is also includes the google sheets and googles slide , the google presentation program and the spreadsheet  it is available  as a:

  • Web application
  • Mobile app for android
  • Windows
  • Desktop application
  • IOS and blackberry.


There is a permeation system that regulate what users can actually do, updates introduced features  using machine learning, including  exploring contents of the item that allowed users to assign task to each others.

The application help allows users to create and edit files online while still collaborating with each other in real time.

Google docs features include:

  • File support its  support  many various kinds of formats users can view and can also converted to the docs format.
  • Google doc has up to 1.02 million character of page font size. so, document files converted  gdoc  doc must not be larger than  50 Mb and it must be either  in jpg ,png or gif  formats.
  • Google d,docs and the drive suite are free for the users by the individuals but it si available  as part of google business center.
  • The google docs  offline allows users to enable offline support  for the docs files  on the google drive website.  Any files with the tacks assign to the google drive, docs sheets or slides will be highlighted with a badge.


Google gmail is a free email service developing by google.  it was first  released on April 2004 and its testing phase on July 2009.

Thought it is google programme users can still   get access to the gmail on the web using third party programs that synchronise email content through POP or  IMAP protocols.


Gmail features

Gmail has  a storage capacity of one gigabyte per user  before it was first released  but now  gmail offer 15 gigabyte  of storage and users can receive email up to 50 megabytes in size, including the attachments.

users can send email what of up to 25 megabytes. In other for multiple purposes google’s mail servers automatically scan emails  including to filter spam and malware.

It also add contest  sensitivity advertisements next to the email,  google gmail has of  2018  had 1.5 billion users.  More so,  gmail has a searching oriented interface and a conversation view  that is is look alike internet forum.

Google sheets.

The google sheets is a spreadsheet program that is included as part of the  free, web based software suites offered by the google within its google drive services.

Google   sheets is also available as a web application , mobile app, windows , blackberry , IOS and desktop application on google’s chrome OS.


Google   sheets

Google offer for this are includes google docs and google slides a word processor and presentation program. The google sheets app is compatible  with microsoft Excel file formats.

Updates have introduced  features using macine learning includes explore offering answers based on natural language questions in a spreadsheet and edits are tracked by the user with a revision history presenting changes  in position is highlighted with an editor the specific color  and cursor and a permissions.

Google sheets features include:

  • The google sheets enable users to ask questions  and the explorer will  return back the answers without requiring any formula and knowledge e from the user.
  • It is  also helps in file sharing  various types of file can be viewed  and converted to the sheets format.
  • The google sheets app and all the rest of the drive suite are free to use for individuals , but the google sheets is also available as part of the business centered  g suite service by google.

Google Slides

The google slide is   of a presentation program that is included as part of the free web based software  office suite that is offer by google within its google drive Service.

Google Slides

Google slide service includes google doc and google sheets the word processor and google sheets.

It is also available as a web application  blackberry desktops  application, mobile app,IOS and windows and it is normally compatible with the Microsoft PowerPoint file formats.

The google slide update have introduced features using machine learning that is including explore  offering suggested layouts and images for presentations and action items which allows users to assign tasks to other users.

Each editor is tho is position is highlight with an  editor  specific color or cursor and the system regulates what users can do through varying degrees of permissions.

The google slide also allows users to create and edit presentations online while collaborating with other users in real-time.

The google slides features 

Google slides allows offline editing   google doc offline allows user to enable offline support for the slides files on the google drive website.

The android and IOS negatively support offline editing. google offer an extension for the google chrome web browser called office  editing for the docs , sheets and slides that enable  users to view and edit  powerpoint and other microsoft  office document s on google chrome via the sheets app.

Google keep

The google keep is a note keeping service it is available on web and has mobile apps for the androids and IOS  mobile ope-rationing systems.

Google keep

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Google keep features

On google keep text from image s can be extracted using optical character recognition  and  voice recordings can be transcribed on it, notes can also be be applied for organisation. Google keep tools are include text , lists image , and audio.

Users can set the reminds which are integrate with the google. The keep interface  allows for a single column view or a multi column view.

Google Hangouts

The google hangout is a communication software produce developed by the google it is part of the google-plus.

Google hangout 

It has been said that google will shut down the classic g suite version of the hangout in June 2020 with that being replaced by hangouts meet and handouts chart but it still going to continue to support the consumer version of classic hangouts.

Google hangouts   meet and google hangout chart are now of two primary products.

Google currents

The google current is a software developing program, it is formerly  known as the google-plus for the g suite.

It is an internal enterprise communication which provided users with access to an electronic library of magazine from 2011 to 2013.

Google currents

Google currents was initially release in 2019 is  and its platform include android  IOS  developed by the google.

Google forms

The google forms is a survey administration app that is included in the google drive office suite along with google docs, google sheets and the google slides. The google forms features include:

  • The google sheets
  • google slides
  • and the google docs.

The google forms

The google forms was developed by the google LLC and was initially released  in February  6 , 2008 as a collaborative software and web survey it website includes google forms.

Google site 

The google site was created by the google in other to make everyone to be able to create a simple websites that support collaboration between different editors.

It is a structure of web page creator tool that is provided by the google.

Google site 

The google sites was initially released in February 2008  as a web creation type

G Sites web features

  • sites.google.com
  • sites.google.com/classic , which is the google site classic version.

Google app maker 

The google app maker  was developed to make users and developers to build and deploy custom business apps easily and securely on the web.

Google app maker 

It was developed  by google and the initially released was November 30, 2016 as a app development type  and its websites include;


It is  a low code application that is part of the  g suite product.

It has been said that the google app maker will be shut down on January 19, 2021.

New application  though will be disabled  on by April 2020. Google app maker allows users to drag and drop widgets into  a virtual editor with build in templates.

The google app makers can be accessible to its users with any g suit business and enterprise subscription.

It can also be customised using HTML, CSS, Javascript,JQuery and google s own material design visual framework.


The google jamboard is an interactive whiteboard developed by the google as the part of the g suit family.

It is compatible for online collaboration through cross platform support.


The display can be mounted onto the wall or a configured into a stand,  jamboard was officially announced on 25 of October 2016 and it is consist of a 55  4k touch screen display.

Jamboard also known as the google jamboard, it  was developed by the google and  it has the interactive types of the whiteboard  and an input stylus and eraser with HD camera.

Jamboard websites

jam-board is in line Service  g suite it



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