Do These 3 SEO Setups-Get Organic Traffic To Your Website.

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Hi everyone, and welcome, on this topic i am going to be discussing about, how to improve your  website  SEO and get more organic traffic.

This tips  will  help you with some proper settings that you can make in order to boost more  ranking in search engines.

And you know, when that happens, what is going to  follow  next is improvement on your website and more organic traffic, so do this 3 SEO setups to get organic traffic to your Website.

All these SEO  tips you have to do,  are very important, whether you are a starter or  you’ve got some experience on it before it will help you all.

Just check it out, and ask yourself the question later,  do these things properly, and  crosscheck once again.

Sometime  as a website owner there is some certain and important things you need to fix up so that your website can be able to get higher rank.

  Improve your website rank in search engine.

Some use to overlook or  think maybe, they think that it is irrelevant, but let me tell you,  these things that people don’t even think of have

an higher potential  and it is even basic to rank your website higher in search engines that is includes the 3 giant search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

By the time you are  through with this post you wouldn’t overlook a basic SEO setups that can improve and increase your ranking anymore, OK,  let break things down here  is what i am going to be discussing about, tips on what you can do here:

  • Heading and tag
  • Meta description
  • Alt text and description

If you can be able to set up and do your  website SEO properly you would not have to worry about PPC any more you are going to be getting more organic traffic from google and the other search engine, to your website steadily.

It is a continuous process, and organic traffic is more better than the ppc, when you do the right thing that is needed to be done, there would be no need to pay for ads at all, so here is what you should do to boost organic traffic to your websites.


Make adjustment to  your website tags and the heading

Make sure that you are doing right, the heading  tag at  website  play an important role in helping visitors to find what they are looking for online, in a very quick and easy way.

From the head to the end of all your pages make sure that you are using  the right heading tag a perfect and correct heading tag structure should be  <H1> which should be  the heading of your post, and  can

follow by the html tag 2,  3 and the rest of them, for the sub heading, make to keep you headings in order, for this will help search engines to rank your website and thus boost your organic traffic.

The  H tags in your website  is what google will use to structure out all the pages, use the html tag to structure your website better use a correct heading tag.


Meta description should  describe what page is about

Use a short and descriptions about what your  website and pages  is all about, what one need  to think about whenever you are setting up your website meta description is that, you have to think of, how to

Meta description should  describe what page is about
Meta description should  describe what page is about

make it short and smart, you also need to think of relevant words that is best describe all about your website.

Don’t use words that are irrelevant, for example if you arepizza maker  and you base in Rome, Italy,    the key description words for you should be:

pizza maker in Rome, Italy

online pizza from Rome, Italy

or Rome Italian pizza maker

This  is how people can find you, make sure that the relevant keyword that better describe what your business is all about appear, the reason for this is that, this is what a user  ( you and I ) would type to into

the search engines, the meta description don’t do show up though, on any of your page, but they appear in the search , whenever a visitor searches for anything, they do show on the search.

So, you have to think about the users and the search engines when writing  your website meta

descriptions, make it relevant, snippet,  attractive, and short don’t let it  be too long, not more than two line long is advised, keep it smart,  this will  increase  your rankings in the search engines.


Check your website pages and posts  for  alt and image descriptions.

This is another basic but important part of the SEO that some people use to overlook, set up your website pages and posts image properly, this we help search engines to comprehend a particular image you

embedded on your post, add an alt text to describe  image in your site, write, describe the purposes of the image in a few words, use phrase, words or even keywords to describe them.

The reasons for is that, is to try as mush as possible to at least help to explain the image in text in order to do the explanations of images for those  users who might not be able see them appear,   if your image or

file couldn’t be loaded in some cases, what will be displayed instead of  it is the alt text you’ve written to

describe the image, plus your readers or visitors  and most importantly crawlers will be helped to index your pages and posts images for a better rankings



Check your website and use these  SEO tips to improve it and boost  more organic traffic to your website, it is some basic checkups  that sometimes it might really help you as a website owner.


Your question

If you ever have any questions or comment whatsoever about anything concerning this topic or you will

like to share share more tricks to more  organic traffic please leave all your questions and comment down bellow i will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.







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