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Hello everyone,  and welcome on this topic, i am going to  be showing you how you can build your own website for free.

Nowadays, it is easy for anyone to create, build and design own website.

The advance digital technology has make simple but, still some people not doesn’t even  know yet, how to create a website on their own.

On this article i will  be guiding  you through the process.

Their are many agencies that can do it for you, yes .. that is true but you are  not getting  for free,  infarct you are going to pay a certain amount of  money first before it can get done.

Create your own website

Let me show you  here how can create  it yourself too, you don’t have to be

a website designer, high grade developer, or even you don’t have to now anything about coding and all those stuff.

You can create, build and design your own website for free.

Did you want to build a website for your business online?  Did you need a website for your self  to start your own blog?

If you don’t have enough money to spent on website builders or  agencies, you can do it  your self.

what you really  need is the right tools and motivation to get you started,  those tools are  very important, just don’t worry about that, you will get to know it dawn the road.

Follow the most easiest step by step guild here, this  will walk  you through the process.

Most Important Things Needed To Create And Build A Website

when you are planning to create or build your own website there are certain and most important things you have to think about, those thing are very essential in building a website which include :

  • In what website building platform
  • what domain name
  • In what hosting company

You might not be able to build  a website if you don’t have a  domain name, a reliable website building platform, and a website hosting company that is secured.

Website building platform

A Website building platform is an online website builder that has all the tools that you need,  to be able to build a websites.

Web  building platforms are crucial in build a website, without them you may not be able  to build a website.

There are 2 reliable website building platform that I  suggest  you should try out when ever you are ready to build your own website.

wealthy affiliate and WordPress  are the very best among the rest of them, they are the most famous website building platform that you wouldn’t regret you build your website with them.

They have all the tools that is needed for you to create, build and design  your own website prior to  your desired.

There features is very easy for anyone to comprehend, and you can build and design your own website for free.

Domain Name

Your do also need a domain name to build your website, it is your website address, this is what  users will use to find your website online, without a  domain name, your website may not be found.

Website Hosting

website hosters  is where your website and it datas are stored, without website hosters your your website might not be accessible to the visitors,

they are  those who make it possible for visitors to be able to access your  website.

So after you have decide on all this, that is,  you’ve a reliable website building platform, you’ve know the hosting company that you are going to

use and your domain name, if you are not really sure about how to choose

a domain name or you don’t know what website domain name is right for you,  follow these  guide to see you through the process:

How To Choose A domain Name

Your domain name is this first thing you have to think about when you are building your website, visitors will type in this to access your website, and there is ways to correctly choose one for your website, here is how you choose name.

For a personal website your domain should be : or

For a generic or organization  website you can use :,   .org   .net

For a business website or company use : or your

If you want to target visitor geographically you can use :   .uk   .us   .it  .ru  .ng  .fr  and  the rest  of them.

Domain names are for sale it is not free, the price is ranging from $10 upward it depend on what you are looking for, however, sometime the

actual domain that you are looking for might not be available, but there is other suggestion and alternatives  to  their availabilities.

Register on a web hosting company

Once you have choose your domain name and you’ve choose your prefer website building  platform the next thing to do is to get hosting account and register.


This has been done for you, if you are using wealthy affiliate platform or WordPress as your website building platform.

It is not free it price is ranging from $3 upward monthly, choose the plan that you can afford then register. 

Like I said, you don’t have to worry about this if you are using wealthy affiliate platform or WordPress, for example you will not need to go

through some other process like; verifying your SSL or HTTPS,  testing your domain address whether everything is  working, you don’t need to worry about certification or weather your websites is delivered to securely to the

visitors, all this will be taking care of, for your  free,infarct you can create, build and design your website for free, at wealthy affiliate free starter account.

You have the possibility to build 2 websites for  your self for free at ,  at WordPress free account will allows you to build as much as you can.

Customize and design your website

Now that you have your website up online for everyone to visit, the next thing that you are going to do is to make it more attractive by designing and  customizing it.

By designing and customizing it you are actually making it more to be professional and appreciable.

There many ways to do that, here are some things you can do to make your new  website more appreciated:

Change  your website theme

There are many of them that you can choose  from, at WordPress platform many themes are free to use, and all these themes are very easy to change,

you can change from one theme to another without any difficulty,  you don’t have to worry about the way design of you website, you can easily take care about that from your theme.

If you are looking for more high grade theme  WordPress have them all there, more than thousands of them, you can choose for any niches that

you are on, from business, sport, health, fitness, entertainment, and so much more.

How to install theme in WordPress

Here is  how you can do that to change the one that you are actually using, it very easy to do just follow these steps that follow:

  • So, go to your WordPress admin “Dashboard
  • Then  go to “Themes,  from  your sidebar click “Add New”
  • You can then look for the theme you like or better still you can search it, at the search box by typing  any name of the theme,  you have in mind.
  • Once you’ve got your theme the next thing is to install it, and you can then click on “Activate”, or “preview”, if you want to see how  it would look like,  first.

How to add logo to your website

Once you’ve up with your   theme the next thing to do is to add a logo to your site, logo make your website look descent, like a pro.

It is  how your website will pear online to the visitors, there are many ways you can create one for your website, many  online website logo tools   create logo for your site, some are free, while some are to pay for.

If you don’t have  much to spend, you can go with free one first then, latter change it to be more  dessent,  so get yourself a logo and once you are ready to go here is how you can add it to your website: 

  • while still on your WordPress interface click on “Appearance  go to “customize.
  •   Then go to  “Site identity  click on “upload logo, select  your logo and you are done.
  • You can also setup your site name and the tagline at the same time, after you have finished with the setting you can then click on “Publish” at the left corner to update that and click “X to  exist from the customize section.

Set or change your website color and fonts

Your website color is part of your web design, it how you really want the uniqueness, and the fonts look like, there are ways to do that, this will give

you an opportunity to be able to change the color on your website without  changing  theme, you can tune the color and the fonts on your own here is how you do it:

How to set change or tune  website color

  1. From your dashboard  go to “Appearance  then go to  “Customize  click on color & background.
  2. There are different various of colors there, choose the color you like.
  3. You can change the color of text, on your website, the background color and links color at the same time.
  4. choose or switch to the preferred color and click “Publish and  “X once you’re done.

How to customize, set or change  website fonts

  • To customize the fonts of your website follow these steps below:
  • From “dashboard go to “Appearance  then “Customize.
  • click “fonts” and set your fonts adjust it prior to how you want your website to look like.
  • Then once you’re  done with that click “publish” to update and “X” to get out of the customizing.

Add a widgets  to your website

It is included in  the design for you website, how you want the side bar to appear,  some themes has three options, some may prefer to let it appear at

the right  while some at the left, some  sidebar to the right is the classic layout for some website here is how you set your website widgets.

  • Go to “appearance from your “dashboard  then “Customize
  • click  “widgets”  from there set up your sidebar.
  • If you like you can add more block to or less, you can reorder them, and your content style.
  • They are all dragable, you can drag one  and drop,  to reorder them.
  • Once you are done with the  setting and changes click  “publish” to update it and “X” to get out.

Add post and page to ,your website

This are the content or document that  visitors will we see, whenever they are on your website, sometimes from your post  and pages on your website visitors will know, what your website is all about.

These are important,  when creating your  website, there is noway  to have a website without any post or pages on it, visitors can know how to contact

you direct from your pages, it is part of your website that can help you to display your services and  businesses:

Create “Contact  or About ” page on your website

All WordPress themes comes with these, you just have to write something about yourself and you are ready to go, but if you cant find it on your theme, here is how  to do this :

  1. Go to “page”  from you “dashboard” and click on “Add New”.
  2. write about your self, your business or organisation,  you can also add your image,  click on “publish”,   when you are finish.
  3. Used the same process to create, other important pages like, privacy policy, contact,  disclosure policy and blog page.

Create a blog post for your website

To create a blog post to  your web site it is easy, it is just like when you are creating new page, it is the same process:

  • From your “dashboard” go to “post” click “add new”
  • Add the tittle at the top and create your content add image and click “publish” if you are ready, if not you can save it to “Draft” so that whenever you ready you find it there.

Add a navigation menu to your website

The navigation menu  is another important thing that you will have to setup on your your website, for this is what will,  help your website visitors

to go through your and explore your  website more better, there are way to set it up you can follow this  steps to create a navigation menu for your website:

From your “Dashboard”  go to “Appearance”  then “Menu” and click  “Create Menu”

Add a title, to help you distinguish it among the rest of them.

Select those pages, posts and costume links that you want to add to the menu.

Then click “Add to menu”  to add all of them.

You can then drag and arrange them to your liking

Select  a  zone in your website to display the menu that you’ve just create, your navigation menu suppose to be at the top, at the head, so that it will be very easy for to navigate through, whenever someone visit your website.

The last thing you are going to do is to save your menu that you’ve create and you are good to go, and compliment you are now a website owner, you’ve just build a website for yourself out of scratch.

My conclusion

After all this it is advised to a website owner to keep improving  it because it is an ongoing process.

Your thought

Do you any question or any comment whatsoever? if you have any thing to

say concerning anything about this topic please, leave them down below i will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.










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