Best Way To Advertise Your Business Online.

Best Way To Advertise Your Business Online.

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Online  advertising  is also known as digital advertising, online marketing , web advertising or internet advertising.

It is a method of marketing and advertising  in which the internets has been used as a means to delivered promotional marketing messages to consumers.


  Best way to advertise for small business      

Online advertising include a publisher who integrates  advertisements into its online content and an advertiser who provides the advertisements to be display into its online content.

A pro-grammatical advertising occurs when  software  is used to do the purchasing  online.

The best way to advertise your businesses!
  • By  Social media marketing

Social media marketing  is a type of an advertising that is often use to promote through the social medial,

it is a commercial promotion  conducted through social media websites like the twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so might of ads posts, interactive quizzes and video.

  • By email  advertising

Email advertising is a methods in which ads copy comprising on a email message. It is a system in which advertiser may ask or solicited for your email address and later on send you updates on new product or sales.

Sometimes the email marketing might ask you to opt out if you are not interested in receiving the email notification.

  • By search engine marketing

Search engine marketing   is a way to  improve  and enrich a website organic search rankings in by increasing the website relevant  contents that is goes relatively to the search engines.

Search engine marketing is also known as search engine optimization  “SEO” .  Although many vendors offer SEO service  as far as the search engine marketing   is concerned.

It has been said that  search engines update their algorithm regularly  to penalise the poor quality sites that try to gain rankings abnormally making optimization a moving target for the advertisers.

How to bid for search engine ads  auction!
Through sponsored search

The sponsored search methods is also known as “sponsored link, search ads  or paid search”    in this way it allow  the advertisers to be included in the sponsored results of  a search for selected keywords.

Through real time action

Search ads   can also  be bought through   real -time auctions is another way that the search engine sell ads.

Through  highest bids

Normally the modern search engines  rank sponsored listings based on a combination of bids price expected  click through rate  keyword relevance and site quality its may also includes  maximum price per keywords and also bids may include geographical position  and language .

  • By Display advertising

The display  advertising  is a type of  advertising that carried out  using logos, text, video, animation, photograph and many more.

This type of advertising is usually carried out by online advertisers  decide which ads to send to particular customer.

The display advertising often use cookies  to identifiers or target a specific computer.

The cookies  can track whether a user left a page without buying  anything display advertiser normally target users with particular traits to increase the ads effect.

Method used by  display advertisers  to target  users!
Through behaviour targeting

The behavior targeting is  a process in which advertisers  collect datas  all across multiple external websites

about a users online and analyse it to really know the various  activity of those user,  so that the advertisers can then  target the users with ads from those user visited.

Through Contextual  method

Contextual method is way in which user are being targeted by the advertisers using deliver display ads related to the content of the web page where the ads appears.

Through retargeting

Retargeting method  usually used  by the  advertisers to retargeted  users or visitor.

Through geotargeting

Geotargeting is a geographical method of targeting,  it is when a advertiser is delivering ads based on a users suspected geography through the IP address.

The address  in an important information minimum  that advertisers generate refine and supplement some  important information from  they actually use it with other proxies or information to narrow down the range of the possible users location.

 online display advertising   in form :
  • Online advertising serving process in simple publishing case.
  • Online advertising serving process using an ad agency.
  • Online advertising serving process using  online bidding.
  • By Web banner advertising

Web banner advertising is  a type of advertising in which a banner  and banner ads are displayed on the web page.

Banner ads may includes video,audio ,animations  buttons, forms or other graphical java applets , HTML5, and Adobe flash support  programs.

The 7 different types of web ad banner.
  1. Expanding ads

Expanding ad is a the type of ad that  is usually changes  dimension  on predefiniti on a period of time.

This ad actually preset the the amount of time a users or visitor spends on a webpage or clicks  on the ad or even the users mouse movement over the ad.

2.  Trick banners

The trick banners are  banners ad  that was copy imitates screen element users commonly encounter, such as operating system  message or popular application message  to introduce a ad click

3.  Frame ad

The frame ad  is a usual normal web  frame banner  ads that is normally collocated on website.

4.  Pop-under

The pop-under ad is that  ads  that  opens a new browser window under a website  visitor or users  initially browser window.

5.  Pop-ups

The popup  is a type  of ads that is usually displayed  in a new web browser window that opens  above a website users initially browser windows.

6.  Floating ads

A float ad is  a type of ad that is sometimes  disappears  or  become less obtrusive after a pre-set time period.  The float ad is also known as overlay ad, it is of rich media advertisement that appears superimposed over the requested websites content.

7.  News feed Ads

The news feed ads is of social media platform  ad that offer a  constant information updates about feeds news in a normal format.

It is also known as  sponsored stories or boosted post,  it is intertwined with non- promoted  news that the visitors or users  read .

Example of news feed ads are  promoted tweet and linkedin  sponsored updates.

  • By mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is a type of  ad  that is delivered through  wireless mobile device  such as  smartphones , tablet, computers and feature phone.

Sometimes it may take the form of statistic  or rich media display ads , SMS or MMS  ads.

The mobile advertising  search ads advertising within  mobile websites or ads within mobile applications or games  including interstitial ads  advergaming  or application  sponsorship.

  • By Chat advertising

The chat advertising  is of subset  of   email advertising the difference between  the both is that,   it is of  time window.

It is often refer to as the real time chat, messages that is statistically dropped by the advertisers to the users or visitor  to a sites which is being done  using live chat,

software tracking applications installed within certain website with the operating personnel behind the site often dropping adverts on the traffic surfing around the sites.

  • By online classified advertising

An example of this advertising is include online automotive or online real estate.  an online classified advertising is  a advertising  that is posted online in a categorical listing of specific products.

  • By affiliate marketing

It is a third parties  system of marketing. Affiliate marketing is a system in which  advertisers organise  the third parties to generate potential customers for  them.

Affiliate marketers generate  traffic to offers  from affiliate  networks. The third party  affiliate marketers  receive  payment based on sale  generated through their promotion.

  • By content marketing

The information that is used by this type of marketing  include video, ebook, case studies, infographies, white papers, how-to guide, blog, news and more.

The content marketing is a  type of marketing that involves the creation and share of media and publishing content in order to acquire and  retain customers.

  • By online marketing platform

An example of this type marketing platform include wealth affiliate platform, Facebook,  amazon, tweeter youtube, ebay and many more.

online  marketing platform  is a means of marketing that  involves the integration of the web-based

platform that combines the benefits of a business directory local search engine search optimisation  tool customer relationship management package and content management system.

  • By Adware advertising

Its appear forms of popup or pop unders. The adware is the type of system that  is carried out without the users permission  it is of malware means of advertising.

Adware is installed automatically displays advertisement on a visitor or users computer or mobile.

  •  By Text ads advertising

The text ads has been said to be  often render faster than the graphical ads  and that it can be harder for ad blocking to block it .

It is a method in which text based ads display separately from a web  pages primarily content  or embedded  by hyperlinking individual words  or phrases to the advertisers websites.

By Interstitial advertising

It is of an interruption marketing  type  in which an interstitial ad is displays before a user can access requested content while the visitor or a user is  waiting for the content to load.

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The benefits in using  online methods of advertising!
  • It is not expensive.

The online advertising is provides more at   a lower cost .  Advertising online is  offers better services at  a very convenient  cost of price.

  • It helps to target where, when,   or who  has seen the ads.

Online advertising is  a great instrument to reach more customers  and  more to this,  is that

advertisers  can track  whether a user or visitor  has been reach by a particular ad in order to reduce unwanted repetitious exposures and provide adequate time gaps between exposures.

  •  It helps to reach  more populations

Online advertising is very import  to reach out to more globally .

It  is capable of reaching almost every global market and more to this is that online advertising  also influences offline sale which make it to be more outstanding among the rest.

  • It is rapid and immediate

Online advertising is very speed in delivery of online ads, online advertisers can modify or replace ad more rapidly the online ads is deployed immediately.

  • Its has various methods of promotion

In online advertising there are many ways to advertise it including the  ability to convey images, video audio  and links.

  • It is measurable

Online advertising   has the key method to measure  whether an ad is actually loaded within a visitors or users  view .  It collect data on their ads effectiveness.

Disadvantages in using online methods of advertising
  • It might lead to fraud

Fraud  may usually occurs when  a publisher or  third parties  click  on a CPC ad with no  intent to buy anything.


  • It may leads to security concern

It has been said that the current  state of online advertising endangers the security and  privacy of  visitor or users.

  • It may leads to ad blocking

The ad blocking is a method in which a visitor or users uses some sorts of  technology to scan and block the ad prevent it to be shown.

  • It may lead to privacy concern

Many people has been worried about their privacy since the Facebook saga.

  • It may lead to spamming

Because of the lower  cost of online advertising  many has misused it over the years.

  • It may leads to banner blindness

while online the eyes of the visitor or users may ignore  the web page zone where the banner are being display.

It may leads to the technology variations

It is when a user is have different web browsers , operating system,  and computer adware.  some ads may not be displayed properly.

  • It may leads to phishing  and  trustworthiness of advertisers

It is a actually a scenario  whereby scammers or hackers takes advantage  of  consumers difficulties  verifying an online personas identity.

  • It may leads to anti targeting technologies

Anti targeting is a way in which some web browsers providing or offer  privacy mode to the users to hide  information about themselves.


Online advertising is a very lucrative way that one can use to promote and i believe that it’s going to help you with your various  business.

Advertising online offers better returns than in other media.  what you has to do though is not to misuse it.

Because many consumers, users, and visitors has find online advertising  to be disruptive  and consequently and increasingly turned to ad blocking.

Hope i be able to help with  this post if you have any question, please leave it down bellow.


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