4 legit ways to make money online 2020-creating biz

4 Legit Ways To Make Money Online Free 2020 -Creating Self Biz.

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There are money ways to make money online.  Do you wanted  to venture in online business  and really  don’t know the way to go? Are you looking for a legit  ways to make money online free nowadays? Or you may be asking yourself  how can i started, what can i do to make money online?

Well ,..on this article i am going to put you through some ways, what you can do, and infarct,  you will be creating long term  business  for yourself online. Do you know that  you can become an online entrepreneur for free?

Let me  show you,  how  treasure  and  simplicity it is  to make money online in a legitimate way.

However,  i am very  concerned  about what is going on in online world today, in which  the truth is very rare  to come across, is like most offer seems fake. On this article i am going to provide you with some insightful, full of trust  and thorough informations to it all.

Though you may be skeptical  or trying to held back,  about  online business. When you don’t pursue your  life  dreams because of lack of trust  or as a result  of  fear, well,  then, that is the authentic failure.

The reason that make me on  this article is to provide  a useful  and real  online information s , ideas, researches, and business-plan  for  encouragement  and help you  in your online struggles.

I myself have been  in online struggle before and i know what it takes to make  money  online and  to become online entrepreneur, or self-employed as one may called it.  However my formal online struggle  experience has made me to realised that there are many people struggling  all day online with the desire  to make  money.

So let me supply you with some experienced  online business ideas and help you in finding a profitable  and legitimate  online resources in order to help your needs  in the areas of self development with which you  can embark-on   and make money.



1. Become a content writer online

become a content writer
become a content writer

Content writers are all those guys  who are specialise in providing  relevant  content  for websites , site owner nowadays  are looking out to hiring a website content writer,  a person who got the knowledge of  SEO content  writer.

The online growing demand of the content writer nowadays is huge. You can transform you quality  as a content writer   to generate lot of money  online.

It  is a great way to make money online easy  and it is free.  With high demand for content writers from websites, blogs, and companies.

what did they has you  to do as a content writer!

Is to aims  for website content with  a relevance and a  search ability  using the keywords, your content should be beneficial  to the readers.

Your content   has to be  unique with the ability to help search  engines direct users meet their search criteria.

Remember, you don’t  want to create a content  primarily for the search engines and or for ranking sake but, your content is to be primarily based  to help the users or readers.


Your  contents need to enticing ,  it must  be able to engage  users or visitors so with that they will continue coming  to the website.

Using  smart  keywords  that is focused  on search  engine optimization, relevant phrases  that are  most likely to b entered by  users in their web searches this help websites for search  engine indexing and also for the higher ranking.

 Benefits in becoming an online content writer!

It is  free,  legit, and easy to get started

You can work wherever you are, all you need is  internet connection a laptop or  iPad.

You become the boss of yourself,  still making more money

You don’t have to be high grade professors all need is relevancy to and ideas.

You get paid quickly even before.

There  are growing demands  for experience content right now  all day everyday online


 2. Become motivational  and inspirational youtuber online

Become a youtuber
Become a youtuber

A youtuber is a videographer a dude somebody who produces  videos, youtubers are making lot of money … more money,   you can become one today  yourself, you will have corporate, sponsors begging  for ads  placement,on your  clips or production of online videos.

You-tubers is a an important  source of information  and also as an entertainment . If you can be able to make a video that goes viral you will be surprise, the  lot of money that you will be making out it.

It is  just like content written, to get started you need to choose a content niche  that you will be  producing video about.

There are many ways  to make videos on youtube if you like you can stay anonymous if you feel like you don’t want anyone to or much information   or to be focusing too much on you instead of the video.

video have to be interesting

You need to be able to provide an interesting videos,  what people are looking for  on video,  try to  keep people’s interest  in your videos.

Try  as much as possible to find clues in one way or another to make up to  peoples  interest.

How can you keep your video interesting ?

By trying  to be honest  in everything you are showing them,  you need to be  trusted and basic.

Thoroughness of  trust is required to be a successful you-tuber feel free in away that people can  build trust in you and then subscribe to your youtube page.

If you can be able to make valuable and interesting  content video, you will acquire more  and more subscribers,  and that  will turn  to generating more revenue , corporate sponsors will be  willing to display their ads on your youtube videos.

what  did you need to become you-tuber?

Is a camera and with a microphone.

Right and relative niche and content is required

Productive skills, timing  and audience relations.

Quality videos  is also  required  in order to get a better viewer experiences

Benefits in becoming youtube

It is  free  , legit and easy to get started

You can working  wherever you are, all you need is  internet connection a laptop or  iPad.

You become the boss of yourself,  still making more money

You don’t have to be high grade professors,  all you need is relevancy and ideas.

You get pay to place ads on your videos


3. Begging selling your photo  online right-now!

become a portrait photographer
Become a portrait photographer

Do you know that you can make more money online make and selling portrait pictures? You can make more money online selling portrait picture, you will get paid-off for your pictures  from web sites and businesses online.

Take the advantages in today online world advances  in photographic  equipment  and techniques,   develop your own  ability to photographs,  produce and capture images  with  exposures.

You don’t  need a studio to making this happen mind-you,   you make portrait pictures outside of  the studio.

You can get started,  once you  know how to better captured and the edit process ,..  yeah start and get paid professionally,   photographing  head shorts, special occasions, and  events. Make, create, edit  your photographs and then you are ready to go for more money online. Many online  platforms  will offered you money for your skills.

Benefits in becoming a  portrait photographer

No studio or photo lab to get started.

You don’t  have to be high grade Photographer,  all you need is relevancy and ideas.

It is  free  and easy to get started

You can working  wherever you are, all you need is a camera internet connection a laptop or iPad.

You become the boss of yourself,  still making more money online


4. Become an  affiliate marketer online

Become affiliate marketer
Become affiliate marketer

This market has grown up exponentially over the years it is with this complicity result that affiliate  marketing  get intact with  other inter marketing  methods  to some  degree.

It is a type of performance in which a business  rewards  affiliate for  each visitor  or customers brought by their affiliates own  marketing  efforts.

In affiliate market you don’t necessarily  need to look for your own  products, you can begging  making money, selling  other persons product, with that you are out of  any risk and other problem associated with  goods productions.

Affiliate marketing is   all about  marketing  other persons or companies product  and services. You  get your own commission  whenever  you referred customers  to buy.

How to become online affiliate marketer free

This is how you can start  generation huge revenue   online as  affiliate marketer, you will have to create a  website  on a niche that you  are interested about, for examples you can create a niche  base on “making money, or how to create a business online” or on fitness and so much more.

Better-still you can create a woocommerce  website for a particular niche. Then,  look out for your interesting  affiliate products or you can register with the online affiliate programs, like:

clickbank ,

shareasale ,

rakuten ,



amazon ,

and so many others,  list all these products on your website . You will have to link  all the product or you can add the “call to actions” links, that would refer visitors to the supplier.

You are  going to get commissioned for any  sale generated from  your affiliate links.  You only handling sales, but you are not  producing any product.

 How to properly setup your website to make money

You have to  setup your website well enough to be able generate revenue from as  a online affiliate marketer.

Set your site to target the right audience so that you can be to driving traffic to your website.

Set up a target landing page.

Create blogs  with relevant contents.

Create followers  on social media.

To know more about how you can properly  build and monetise your website,

Join Wealthy Affiliate:

wealthy affiliate is my first recommendation as far as online platform is  concern. This platform will teach you anything you need to know about building your own website out of  scratch.

Do you know that  not until you get certain degree or experience  before you can be able to build your own website ?

No,   that is not how it is, there is no technical knowledge required to know how to build your own website.  If you are a  starter  or you have an existing online  business experience but still have  an interest in  learning how to build a website.

Wealthy affiliate is  the best, number one,  affiliate  marketing  community as a online platform,  it gives you  all the tools and training, that   you need to create , manage, and grow your online business.

At Wealthy affiliate  you get various training like:

How to build your website, set it up and running it.

How you can  use your website to generate revenue.

How you can  choose a niche in areas of your interest.

How to attract  more visitors  to your site.

How to SEO your website for  higher ranking in google

Wealthy affiliate  also offer a better  support for  a good experience, wealthy affiliate support include:

Live class training

Live help

Live chart

Community support and help

Personal and expert support

Website hosting speed and support

Networking  ability, with other members

All these and so much more,  at wealthy affiliate you get all you need for you to be  succeed within the affiliate marketing online for free.  Some people  may say  though,  that you could  find  most of this  offers  and informations ,  that they give  you at wealthy affiliate in any other  platforms elsewhere, which is not,  the case,   real  point of  view,  you will pay huge amount of money elsewhere,  just to have access to  the tools needed to work and building  your website.  At WA   all the plugins that is required for SEO, Jaaxy,  the best  keywords search tool, Site comment, Site feedback from the expert, Expert training,  for high ranking and traffic , Life webinar with expert, and lot more.



Thanks to this platform i have learn many things about online business. Wealthy affiliate is definitely the right platform, and  way for an  online  business. Wealthy affiliate is a legitimate online business training platform.

The  community with over 2 million people and successful online business people, they all always there for you to give instant  help whenever you need one.

You will receive instant and relevant answer and support  to your question  within a second,   which  is the most difficult aspect of building  online  business, getting help when you need it .

You have nothing to lose if you want to get involve in all these business ideas that i have discussed here, including to join the wealth affiliate,   if you are serious and have a strong impression to get yourself started and begging  creating  and generating more money online, it is all free to join.

please comment down below and if you have any other suggestion about more powerful ways to make money online, please share them with us, we be so happy to know more about that, thanks.

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  1. With the list of information supplied by links at the bottom of your article, you have given information on so many ways to earn money online that even the ones who are just beginning to check out the online world can find some ways to earn. We are all different and comfortable with different challenges. 

    One of the things that most beginners just don’t understand that it is a slow process.  You have to build your reputation for quality and reliability.  There will be a trial period for online employers to go confident that you can do what you say you can.  This is especially true for writing content.  However, a good way to earn some money regularly once established.  Your strength may be in other fields, but give yourself some time to get established.  You can earn money online.  Great information. Thanks, Sami

  2. Hey nice article you have there. I was actually researching online for a legitimate business platform to invest on, that will yield returns for me at the comfort of my home, I was directed to this page. Having gone through all the viable business ideas in this article, I am convinced that Affiliate marketing will be my perfect choice to explore, will definitely see to the registration as soon as possible

  3. To me, Wealthy affiliate has been a really wonderful platform and I have been reading quite a lot about it since I decided to go into doing online business and I love every thing of what I have seen about it.

    Seriously, I challenge you to find other platforms that provide so much value at ZERO cost (WA does provide Free membership plan). I bet you won’t find one.

    Thus, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any newbie who is interested in Affiliate Marketing. I promise it will change your life.

    1. Hi Zac
      yeah i agree with you no other platform better of WA ,it is of great pleasure that you found this article to be interesting have a good day.

  4. Hi there

    Overall it seems of this article is of great help and informative at the same time you have covered most of the bases,  the article is well written with clear description of each of the 4 ways you can make money. Keep going  and thank you for this article it has help me a lot.  

  5. Exactly what I was looking for. This article is going to be a big help to people, especially to students. Everyone likes to earn some extra bucks. And when you search online for ways to do so, you see a lot of bogus suggestions. But this article is completely the opposite. The author has listed the best four ways to earn money online and these options can be tried by everyone. How to go about doing trying these options has also been explained so well by the author. I am going to share this with a few of my friends too. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Hello there,  thank you for this very detailed and informative post,  I must say that this is really a post in due season for me as I have been looking for ways to make money online instead of just spending my data on social media,  i should spend it on what will bring me some passive income, I have a camera that I have not been using for some time now so I think I will start with potrait Photography.

  7. with the help of technology in the  Invention of computer and other mobile devices life has become much easier for the fact that you can become your own boss from the comfort of your home… online business have been trending over the years and has changed a lot of people’s life… there are over 1000 means you can end online if truly you have the Zeal to and in this review are four main content which you can indulge in to earn good cash online.. I really recommend affiliate marketing and if you have interest in becoming an affiliate marketer today I recommend you visit wealthy affiliate where you will be trained on every step on how best to go about it…

  8. Hi there Mike, 

    Your post was really insightful on the ways to make money online for free. I have done article writing and it worked well for me for a couple of years before I decided to take things to the next level and become a website owner. And as you have said, I now need more content writers although I already have some working for me. I personally think that content writers will always be in demand as far as Google is operating and people should seriously consider making it a full-time job as it also pays well. Cheers for the helpful post here. Good luck with your site.

  9. so thoughtful of you to share such an amazing post on 4 legit ways to make money online for free…This article is going to be a big help to people, especially to students. Everyone likes to earn some extra bucks. And when you search
    online for ways to do so, you see a lot of bogus suggestions. But this article is completely the opposite. The author has listed the best four ways to earn money online and these options can be tried by everyone…
    thanks for sharing and I look forward to share it on my blog

  10. Thanks for sharing this article. It was really educative.

    Today, if you are serious about making money online or through any other business you have to give enormous value. You must be willing to do the most amount of work for the least initial return. As long as you keep that in mind and you don’t look for a quick buck you will succeed in the long term. 

  11. Wow so there are opportunity like this online and i never knew. I lost my job two months ago and since then have been trying to get a job to no avail. Thank you for this write up. I have always had this thing about writing and i think i will look into becoming a content writer. Once again thank you for this.

  12. When I started reading this post, first I was speculating and after some minutes later I saw your points, some will feel its really impossible to earn without paying or investing any money. This is my first to know I can sell my portraits, as weard as it sounds I know it’s possible. What website can I sell my photo

    1. hi peter george

      yes there are many online platform that you can sell your photos on platform like COOL SNAP, FREE STOCK  and much more .

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